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Teresa Arkel (Soprano) (Lvov, Ukraine 1861 - Milan 1929)

She studied at the Lvov Conservatory, then with Luise Dustmann in Vienna. In 1883 she made her debut in a concert at Lvov. There her stage debut occurred in 1884 as Valentina in ‘’Gli Ugonotti’’. In 1885 she guested very successfully at the opera of Warsaw as Aida, as Selika in Meyerbeer’s ‘’L’africana’’ and as ‘’Leonora’’ in ‘’Il Trovatore’’. After she had appeared in the 1885-86 season again at the opera of Lvov, she moved her activity to Western Europe. In 1886 she appeared in Vienna and Paris, in the 1886-87 season she was engaged by the Prague National Theatre, from 1887-90 she appeared at the Municipal Theatre of Hamburg. Since then she gave guest performances at the famous european opera houses (1888. Budapest, 1889. Milan, 1890. Madrid and Bilbao, 1891. Odessa, 1892. Barcelona, 1893 and 1896 Lisbon, 1894 and 1896 Madrid, 1894 Teatro de l'Opera in Buenos Aires (as Desdemona in Verdi’s ‘’Otello’’ and as Elsa in ‘’Lohengrin’’). In 1898 she again appeared at the Lvov Opera, in 1899 at the Warsaw opera house. In Madrid where she was liked very much she sang among other things in the premiere of the opera ‘’Dona Juana la Loca’’ of Emilio Serräo. In 1891 she came to the La Scala in Milan (beginning role: Venus in ‘’Tannhäuser’’ as a partner of Hariclea Darclée). Then in 1892 she appeared there as Norma and as Desdemona in ‘’Otello’’. In 1897 she helped at La Scala in the premiere of the opera ‘’Signor de Pourceaugnac’’ of  Alberto Franchetti as a partner of Alessandro Bonci. In 1900 she sang at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa as Brünnhilde in ‘’Götterdämmerung’’. In the same year she finished her career and  had opened in Milan a music school. So significant singers like Claire Dux, Lucette Korsoff, Eugenia Bronskaja and Irene Eden belonged to her pupils.

Chronology of some appearances

1889 Milano  Teatro Dal Verme Ugonotti (Valentina)
1889 Madrid Teatro Real Ugonotti (Valentina)
1890 Milano  Teatro Dal Verme Norma (Norma)
1891 Brescia  Teatro Grande Norma (Norma)
1891 Odessa  Teatro Municipale Tannhauser (Elisabetta)
1891 Odessa  Teatro Municipale Ugonotti (Valentina)
1891 Barcellona  Teatro Liceo Tannhauser (Elisabetta)
1891 Milano  Teatro La Scala Tannhauser (Elisabetta)
1892 Milano  Teatro La Scala Norma (Norma)
1892 Milano  Teatro La Scala Otello (Desdemona)
1893 Lisbona Teatro San Carlos Tannhauser (Elisabetta)
1893 Lisbona  Teatro San Carlos Ugonotti (Valentina)
1894 Buenos Ayres  Teatro dell'Opera Otello (Desdemona)
1894 Buenos Ayres Teatro dell'Opera Ugonotti (Valentina)
1894 Montevideo  Teatro Solis Tannhauser (Elisabetta)
1894 Montevideo  Teatro Solis Ugonotti (Valentina)
1901 Firenze  Teatro Della Pergola Ballo in Maschera (Amelia)
1902 Madrid  Teatro Reale Ballo in Maschera (Amelia)
1902 Madrid  Teatro Reale Tannhauser (Elisabetta)



Fonotipia, Milano 1905-10-30
Pescatori di perle (Bizet): Siccome un di 39361 Xph 409
Mefistofele (Boito): L'altra notte 39386 Xph 410
Trovatore (Verdi): D'amor sull'ali rosee 39360 Xph 411

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